Tan Thru Swimsuits

tan thru swimsuits

Tan thru swimsuits allow you to get an all over tan with no tan lines while wearing a swimsuit, top, shirt, bikini or swimwear complete natural tanning.

Yes, while wearing cool comfortable clothing you get a natural, safe all over tan with no tan lines, natural tanning at it's best.

Enjoy a complete full body tan with no tan lines while:

Advantages of tan through swimwear

tan through swimsuits backCooltan tan through clothing is made from a lightweight fabric that allows sunlight to penetrate the garments like a medium level sunscreen. The clothing in effect acts like an SPF 6 sunscreen, allowing you to tan all over naturally.

The fabric is constructed using a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric allowing around half the suns light to shine through, this has the effect of a medium sunscreen.

To put your mind at rest, Cooltan swimsuits are NOT see through when wet or dry. Even though it is a lightweight fabric, it is NOT see through when worn.

All the clothing is smooth to the skin, and because of the millions of small pores it allows the skin to breath. The light weight material the garments are made of allow water and air to flow through, so you stay cool, comfortable and dry while at the same time building that all over tan.tan thru shirts

For a completely even tan it is recommended that you wear an SPF6 to 10 (or higher) sun cream on skin not covered by the tan thru clothing. If you normally apply a higher factor suncream to exposed skin, then apply this beneath the tan through clothing as well. Treat skin beneath the clothing the same way you would exposed skin. You will then avoid white tan lines beneath the clothing or swimwear.

You can even wear tan through swimwear in a tanning salon, and you will tan through the suit, just remember it is equivalent to an SPF 6 sun screen and take this into account to not over expose skin under the suit if the lamps are particularly powerful.

Tan through swimwear has a very high resistance to pool chemicals such as chlorine and sea salt. The swimwear is therefore entirely practical and can be worn for all water sports. Indeed, thanks to the millions of pores in the fabric, water flows freely from the suits making them ideal for competitive water sports.

Cooltan tan thru swimwear, shirts and tops are all fully machine washable and need no extra care.